Photo Gallery

To look at our photograph gallery, please follow the link below. Alternatively, you can search using the serch box in the left hand panel.

Click here to go to our photograph gallery

We have many photographs and the hundred or two currently shown on the site are only a small proportion of what we have. We are working to put more onto the web.

We would like to know more about many of our photos. In all too many cases, we do not know the date when the photo was taken and often the location is not clear. We would be grateful if visitors to the site would add information by using the comment facility.

To make comments you will need to obtain a password for the site. We are sorry to have to ask for this but we obviously need to ensure that undesirable material is not put onto the web. If you have not done so already, please obtain a password using the system on the leftt of the screen.

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