A Short History of Eastleigh

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This paper has been written with the intention of setting down basic facts in the history of Eastleigh as they are known, and of drawing attention to the vast amount of detail still needing to be discovered and recorded.The very name of Eastleigh has its history and, together with all the other place-names in our modem Borough, a long one, with variations in spelling, popularity and expanse of land indicated by the name.Research already carried out by members of the Eastleigh and District Local History Society has been published in a series of occasional and Special Papers. Reference to these and other publications is made in the text so that more detailed information may be obtained when needed. The reader is encouraged to set himself in the right mood by making sure that he knows the history of his own patch. Who built the house? Why was it so designed? What materials were used and where did they come from? Why was the road so named? What is the nature of the garden soil and how was it composed? Find out the answers to these and other questions and, above all, remember that today’s events are tomorrow’s history. This may inspire you to seek further information or advice and, possibly, to meet others with similar aims. Local History Societies exist for this purpose; they welcome visitors and new members. Gordon Cox July 1987
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